3 Things Under The Same Roof

HKS PU College, With integrated approach, we endeavour to provide high standard teaching of Theory, Principal Practicals along with in-depth Coaching for Competitive Exams and Extra-Tutorial classes.

Theory & Practicals

  • For PU1, justifiably, Board syllabus of Theory and Practicals will be completed by last week of December to be followed by 2 rounds of Revision & Preparatory Exam by January.

  • For PU2, as classes would commence in February itfelf, By August end, Theory & Practicals are completed. The I Trial Exam would be in September. After 2 Rounds of Revision, between last week of December and second week of February, 2 more Trial Exams are held along with Additional Practice and Preparatory Practicals.

Competitive Coaching

  • Highly committed Lecturers with proven track record, would take up CET/NEET training. PU1 based 40% syllabus would be completed by March.

  • PU2 based Competitive Coaching will be rigorously done from September to 3rd week of December. Regular Tests, based on previous days’ synopsis, class-work, home work; Regular Major Tests, 3 Grand Tests will form First Part of Coaching. Last Phase(CRASH COURSE) will be done soon after Final Board exam with Daily Tests, Major Tests and 2 Grand Tests for 1 1/2 month before last week of April.

Researched and organised content

  • Systematically prepared content which is updated regularly in accordance with the need and examination pattern.

  • To make learning effective and easy, concepts are provided on varying levels of difficulty.


  • ‘Evening Tutorials’ is our Speciality. Catering to the individual’s needs, we have customised classes in every evening, for the Gifted, Progressive and Potentials. So an effective alternative for so called ‘tuition’ or ‘Coaching classes’, that too very much all result oriented.


  • For grooming a student’s personality, a few Competitions based on spontaneous talent, Creativity are being held from time-to-time. National days are observed.


  • Through daily SMS, absence is monitored. Student’s are accountable, even if they miss a Single Class. Regularity in attending, Studies, Submission of Assignments is ensured and emphasised upon.









Inspirational Quotes

"Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students."
Solomon Ortiz

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
Martin Luther King, Jr.

"It's not mere syllabus that depends on the excellence, its the teachings that are imparted that would help a child connect with the world."
Hermann J Steinherr

"Education is a modern nuclear power if we make a mistake imparting, the outcome is devastating and becomes later root cause of every social evil."
Manna Sangma